Yellow, White and Green track

Our youngest users start on the Yellow track in order to gain safety. Here they can expect the Mushrooms-walk, sledding, walking through tunnels and the trapeze, which mostly lures out a cry of joy.
The overcoming of the Yellow track effects the psychomotor development, particularly among the youngest users.

The Mushroom-walk is a combination of different forms of movement on unstable and curved surfaces, creating a successful space overcoming. It thereby increases endurance, balance and coordination. It has a positive effect on all organs, especially the ones of the circulatory and respiratory systems.
The gripping of the rope, with which the movement of the polygon is regulated, has manipulative characteristics. In this way the muscles of the arms, hands and fingers are strengthened, which is important for the development of fine and gross motor skills.
Sledding is particularly fun because it reduces neuromuscular tension and creates a feeling of joy.
Crawling through hanging tunnels strengthens the muscles of the arms and shoulders and enables the mobility of the arm and leg joints. Its greatest influence is on the flexibility of the spine and its proper shaping.
The Yellow track ends with the trapeze, which is a particularly exciting element, and a very special attraction for the kids. By hanging and lowering the arms they have the opportunity to feel their speed and their own weight. Hanging is an exercise in overcoming resistance that strengthens the muscles of the arms and shoulders, joints, tendons and ligaments, and increases the flexibility of the spine.
After completion of the Yellow track, users can proceed to the next level, or they can practice the basic level a few times.