Orange track

The next level is the Orange track, which is the first, which is used by the adult users. It features a cable car ride, balance exercises on scales, flying cycling, climbing, walking on beams and ropes, strength exercises on the trapeze, and it ends with a ride on the zip line.

The Orange track is a bigger challenge that has new forms of physical activities and includes all the above, and has a positive impact on the increase in motor skills.
Walking on hanging beams creates a sense of instability, which increases with the falling through at the end of the beams. For a successful mastery of the exercise you need increased concentration and balance. The same is needed for cycling on the hanging platform and the rocking platform.
Climbing activates the muscles of the arms, hands and legs, and it also increases stamina.
The track is located at a height of 3 m and is a true adventure in which vertigo is not critical, but ingenuity and skill.